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Customer experience with removals

Customer experience in removalsProven ways to organize removals without dizziness from people who already have it over with. Moving companies often offer advice how to prepare and organize to your relocation. We have collected removal tips given by customers of Brighton removal companies. Based on their own experience, you will learn what are the most frequent problems associated with moving, how to avoid them or how to deal with them. Some of the advices are quite innovative and unconventional ideas which you would not get from any moving firm.

Moving house may be a nightmare! However, there are some ways to not go crazy.  Whether you are moving from Brighton because you have just rented a new apartment in a different part of East Sussex like Bexhill or Lewes or you are looking for Brighton shipping company because you are selling house and moving to Australia. Nobody likes removals.

Packing ideas

Colorful bin bagsI found an interesting way of packing clothes - I used to garbage bags in different colors. I managed to find a large green, black and blue so everyone's clothes were packed in a different color. The more we sorted out everything before you move, the less work after. There is always confusion during house removals. I wrote down the most significant things to do on a piece of paper to not forget about anything and take everything. But everyone has their own way. However, it is good to label boxes, or bags, or somehow mark it.

Good luck! Sara

Take only what you need

I had some time to prepare for the move and the possibility to do this in stages. I started by getting rid of all the unnecessary things, I gave some free, some sold and some of it went to waste. Then with the help of professional moving firm we managed to safely transport all our belongings and furniture and set them up in our new home. I had things sorted and described what is where. We moved to a home with children after complete furnishings and cleaning.


I have had a few removals so far. I always start by sorting out wardrobes - It makes no sense to move to a new location useless stuff so I am trying to make a list of the items that needs to be taken and focus on when preparing for removals. Things that I do not use I always throw away without sentiments. Clothes that I do not wear - in the trash without any sentiments. Usually I put clothes into the large plastic bags, glass and other fragile items to the cardboard boxes (wrapped newspaper or fabric). Of course, do not try to carry the full cabinet or refrigerator ...


Personally I recommend describing boxes properly (what is in them,  the target room), it's useful during unpacking boxes. It is also good to ensure adequate protection of furniture and our other stuff that can be damaged.  The best solution for me  was to hire an efficient moving company, which was offering comprehensive services and was fully equipped with cartons, bubble wrap foil, tape, labels, boxes, etc. Somehow I feel calmer man knowing that everything was secured properly.


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