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Packing yourself

Packing can be easyMoving to a new home in addition to the benefits of this decision may also be the source of many troubles and problems. Before we find professional Brighton removals services most of us wonder, how to transport private belongings to new location without problems, but also without spending too much money.

This process typically consists of several steps: packing personal belongings, transport and finally unpacking at your destination. When choosing any Brighton removal company you can entrust it with all the tasks or you can order service only for loading and transporting your belongings. If you want to reduce costs of moving and decided to pack home stuff on your own, please refer to below rules on packaging, to avoid damage during transport, but also make it easy for the later unpacking.

Inventory and segregation

Labelling boxesFirst, do quick inventory of our belongings. It is good idea to check what you have to take and what you can get rid of. It makes no sense to pay for the transport of goods that will not be needed in your new house.  When you decide what need to be taken, you should sort out things by category. Use different boxes to pack dished and another for books and magazines, separately pack clothes, toys, etc. Always pack things room by room and precisely label each box according to its content and origin. Good labeling will allow the moving team to unload boxes in the relevant premises at your new location, this way you will be able to save time during unpacking.

It is also good to pack separately things that will be required from the first day after removals. This way you can easily have a cup of tea before you start unpacking, instead of searching all the boxes to find the kettle and cups.

Reasonable packing

It's a good practice also to start packing things that are rarely used and in the end things used every day. This will prevent a situation where you need to unpack the boxes in order to find the item you suddenly need. Already packaged items and boxes should be placed in such a way allowing free access to the premises. Do not forget about marking boxes containing fragile items that need special care when carrying.

Preparing furniture for removals

When transporting furniture usually there are serious problems, especially when we have to carry a lot of them. Proper preparation of furniture may be the most difficult task to do on your own but it is essential to allow move them fast and safely. Sometimes it is not enough to empty the furniture of their contents. Heavy or oversized furniture may need to be dismantled, and not everyone is able to deal with it. Furniture must also be well protected for the duration of transport to avoid damage. In general, most customers entrust all the work related to furniture transportation for a professional team. No matter is it local Lewes man and van firm or large Hove removals team, you can be sure your furniture will reach its destination in perfect condition.

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