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5 Reasons to move to Sussex

Family moving homeMany people, especially as they get older, contemplate a move to the countryside or the seaside. Sussex offers both. With the south border of the county completely awash with sea and the Sussex downs 10 miles in-land from the coast, Sussex provides people with the best of the nature Britain has to offer – the coast and the countryside. With a population of 1.6 million spanned over an area bigger than London, you can be sure to find the right amount of space and lifestyle for you and your family. If you are considering a move to the countryside and, perhaps, a move to Sussex, then consider these few points.


Packing and moving boxesBrighton, in tandem with Hove, is the biggest city in Sussex, with a population of over a quarter-of-a-million people. Whether you choose to move to Sussex and live in Brighton or not, there is a vast number of surrounding smaller rural villages that are within 20 minute driving distant from the city of the sea. Known for its bohemian and artistic culture, Brighton became a popular seaside resort following the choice of the British Monarchy to often holiday there in the 19th century. Since then, it has changed from a small seaside fishing village into a metropolis. Brighton always has something to offer everyone; the North Laines will be the most authentic fun you’ve had shopping in some years, and when the sun is shining and you’re on the beach, it’s hard to think of a nicer place to be. You will find lots of professional Brighton removals companies or smaller Brighton man with van firms ready to help you when moving to Sussex.

The Downs

The Sussex Downs became a national nature park in April 2010. Known for their long, rural walking routes and incredible views both of the sea and the northern countryside of Sussex are staggering; a real slice of natural beauty. The Downs is also home to numerous esteemed country pubs, good for food, drink and atmosphere. When the sun’s out, the downs is really an extraordinary place to be. Likewise, when it snows, it is of equal beauty; but also you can now get the sled out!

The South Coast is the Sunniest and Warmest Place in the UK

As Sussex is one of the most southern countries, with only Hampshire, Dorset, Devon, and Cornwall more geographically south, it won’t be a surprise to know that Sussex is one of the sunniest and warmest places to be in the UK. In the summer months, the average temperature is around 20-21 degrees Celsius which is probably the best you can hope for in the UK. The sun and the temperature of the summer, combined with the fabulous beaches of Brighton, Hove, Worthing, Bognor Regis, and many others means Sussex is a prime place to reside during the summer.

History and Culture

Brighton, as the biggest city in the two counties (East and West), is home to some of the best cultural events in the country. The Brighton Fringe Festival is the second biggest in the country, where, of course, Edinburgh is the biggest. The festival goes for the whole of May and means the streets on the weekends, and weekdays in fact, are pact to the rafters enjoying the festivities. The acts and performances at the Brighton fringe festival will reveal to you why Brighton is known as a city of bohemians. On top of all that, Brighton is home to the Royal Pavilion, a truly stunning bit of Monarchical architecture. Elsewhere in the county, Chichester, the principal town of West Sussex, is more than 1000 years old and has some extraordinary relics to prove it. Hastings is also in the county, a place for history buffs to go to examine the battle of 1066. If you are looking for Hastings removals firms you can use our online comparison services.


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