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Shipping to Australia

Moving to AustraliaIn modern times, very often happens that people moving to Australia from Brighton to find better job. There is no doubt that going to Australia is a very good option to improve both professional and financial life. To hope for a good start in that country, we should meet several important conditions that are essential in this situation. First of all, it would be best for us to have completed some college, moving to Australia will give us the possibility to settle down. Going to Australia would be a good idea for a fairly young and energetic people who have the best chance for it to achieve some success there. Also keep in mind that such a trip is quite expensive, so we should make some inventory of our stuff and decide what we need to take, is it better do all the packing yourself and also think about best way of shipping to Australia from Brighton.

How to move to Australia from Brighton?

Because of the large distance from the UK to Australia, the best choice is likely to be the plane, so that the journey will be reduced to a minimum. But what about personal things. Whether it is better - sea shipping or air freight?

When we need to ship our private goods to Australia, there are a few options to choose from, but the two basic methods of transport are air freight and shipping by sea (container shipping). Whether you are an entrepreneur sending regular freight or private individuals moving to Australia, you need to decide on the way of transport before you contact  Brighton removal companies. There are two main factors to be taken into account when making decisions.

  1. Shipping costs

    One of the main factors taken into consideration are shipping costs to Australia. What would be cheaper? Transport by sea or air transport?

    Sea shippingIt is widely accepted that shipping by sea is cheaper in comparison to air freight. Usually it is, but there are exceptions. To be able to make the right decision you need to know how the fee is charged by the carriers. Most Brighton shipping companies charge per container rates (commonly used are 20ft and 40ft containers). It would seem that in the case of shipping by sea price is calculated based on the weight of the load, but more often the price is based on the size of the load. In case of loads smaller than container, price may be based on cubic volume of your shipment. The rule is that the larger and heavier loads is more profitable to transport by sea. The smaller the load, the smaller the difference in price and sometimes it is cheaper to send a small parcel by air than by sea.

  2. Shipping time

    When it comes to time without a doubt wins air transport, but it brings a much greater costs. The average time of sea transport to Australia (whatever you are shipping to Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or other locations) is 4-8 weeks but by air it can be delivered even in a few days. So if you need to send only a few boxes you can consider air transport, in other cases, especially in case of shipping belongings to Australia, container shipping is the only choice.

By inventing containers, their normalization and ships designed for container transport, maritime transport has become the main mode of transport during in case of removals to Australia. Transport by container, it is not only the safety of shipping, ease of cargo handling, but also less expensive moving costs.

Airline tickets to Australia

Plane taking offIt is best to look for connections through a travel agent which are usually cheaper than buying directly from the airline operators. In addition, short term return tickets  (up to 3 months) are much cheaper as well as off-peak tourist periods  - summer (December-January) and winter (July-August). Most airlines arrange individual promotions on selected flight connections. It might be tickets with fixed dates of flight, which then cannot be changed.

Do I need a visa to visit Australia?

You need  get a visa to visit Australia. You can apply at the nearest Australian Embassy or sent it directly to the Immigration Office in Australia through the Internet

The main types of visas:

457 Work visa - The most popular visa for skilled people sponsored by an employer. This visa has huge advantages, including so that you are sure about steady income. It also has a lot of disadvantages: you have to buy health insurance, and if you have children you have to pay for nursery school

Partner visa - For anyone who get married to an Australian. The appropriate authority shall examine whether the relationship is fictional and grants visa for two years. After that, check the connection and if authenticity shall be granted permanent visa.

Student visa - The most common type of visa, for those whose main purpose of the visit is to study and work in Australia.

Working Holiday visa - With this visa can stay in Australia for up to 12 months, studying and / or working during your stay.

Tourist visa - A visa for traveling to Australia during holidays, holidays to visit family or friends, or study for less than three months. This type of visa does not allow you to work

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